AdC confirms dawn raids in the healthcare sector

AdC confirms dawn raids in the healthcare sector
The Autoridade da Concorrência (AdC) - Portuguese Competition Authority confirms it has carried out dawn raids in eight locations of nine entities in the healthcare sector in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, following suspicions of anticompetitive practices harmful to consumers' freedom of choice.
The dawn raids in question have been carried out with the authorization of the Department of Criminal Investigation of Lisbon, and are being monitored by the Criminal Investigation Division of the PSP of Lisbon.
The AdC ordered the infringement procedure to be subject to secrecy taking into account that the interest behind the investigation would not be duly safeguarded should the procedure be made public.
The AdC performs such proceedings, under the powers conferred on it by the Competition Law, as a means of obtaining evidence of anticompetitive practices, and does not result in its realization that the companies targeted will be subject to a conviction, nor implying a judgment about the culpability of their conduct in the market.
Violation of competition rules not only reduces consumer welfare, but also undermines the competitiveness of businesses and penalizes the economy as a whole.
Since the beginning of 2017, the AdC has carried out 19 search and seizure investigations in 43 facilities, namely in the sectors of tourist river transport, driving education, distribution and distribution, insurer, food industry association and advertising association.
The dawn raids are in line with the priorities set by the AdC for 2019, which focus on the strengthening of antitrust enforcement.

10 May 2019