AdC carries on with the Campaign Fighting Bid-Rigging in Public Procurement

Following the launch of the Campaign on Fighting Bid-Rigging in Public Procurement in Lisbon, an event in Porto and several in-house presentations, the AdC presented the campaign at an event in Coimbra on February 15 attended by nearly 80 participants.
The debate included the participations of Nuno Rocha, member of the AdC Board of Administration, Ana Sofia Rodrigues, Chief Economist of the AdC, Jorge Ferreira, head of the Anti-Cartel Unit from the AdC’s Restrictive Practices Department, César Pestana, Vice-President of the Public Administration's Shared Services, and João Barroso, Diretor of the Public Purchasing Division of the same institution, which is cooperating with the AdC in this initiative. The meeting was held at the premises of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of Central Portugal (CCDR).
The next presentation will take place at the premises of Parque Escolar, in Oporto, on February 17. Recently, this company held two in-house events at its Lisbon office about bid-rigging in public procurement.
The campaign aims to raise awareness on the detection and prevention of collusion in public procurement, with the objective of alerting and informing the adjudicating bodies involved in public procurement procedures.
Collusion is an act punishable by the Competition Law that consists of concerted bidding to restrict competition, thus compromising the efficient allocation of public resources and harming the economy and consumers.