International Competition Network (ICN)

​The International Competition Network (ICN), created in 2001, gathers over one hundred national competition authorities and non-governmental advisors, with the aim of promoting competition and convergence for a more effective and efficient enforcement of competition rules, to the benefit of consumers and businesses.

The AdC is a member of the ICN, actively contributing to all the working groups: advocacy, agency effectiveness, cartels, mergers e unilateral conduct. The AdC also participates in the ICN workshops and conferences, having organised the 2008 ICN Cartel Workshop.

During the 2011-2012 ICN year, the AdC will also be one of Co-Chairs of the Advocacy Working Group.

Within the ICN framework, international competition agencies and other participants develop consensus-based work products and platforms for convergence on principles applicable to competition policy, that are often presented as recommended good practices.

Non-governmental Advisors

The ICN collaborates with non-governmental advisors (NGAs), such as lawyers, academics, representatives of international organisations, and commercial or consumer agencies, as experts in the field of anti-trust to contribute to the work carried out by the ICN.

The ICN, with this initiative, recognises the value of the contribution of the participation and expertise of the participants from both the public and private sectors, in the work of the ICN, which ultimately will benefit from the contribution of a wide range of stakeholders.