Electronic Notification System for Merger Operations (Press Release 11/2009)

Following publication of Regulation No. 120/2009 of 17 March 2009 in the Diário da República, II Series, which approves the Notification Form for Concentrations between Undertakings, it is announced that the electronic forwarding of the notification, provided for in paragraph B) (3) of the Annex to that Regulation, will cease to be carried out by e-mail.

For the purpose, a computer platform called the Electronic Notification System for Merger Operations (SNEOC, in the original Portuguese acronym) will now be used. It may be accessed through the link http://extranet.concorrencia.pt/sneoc. SNEOC has been developed in order to facilitate and increase the use of the electronic channel for forwarding notifications. In addition to the electronic submission of notifications, it will allow other forms of interaction in the merger control procedure, in particular, the on-line consultation of documents, the ability to follow the workflow, the dispatch of automatic alerts in certain phases of the process, and access by the Notifying Party to the decision.

Visitors will find information on how to use the platform by clicking on the “Help” icon, which will be found on the SNEOC homepage. In the case of difficulty in using the platform, they may also request technical assistance at the e-mail address SNEOC_Apoio@concorrencia.pt. Since notification via SNEOC does not depend on the working hours of the Competition Authority’s mail department, notifications carried out by this means, even when submitted after 5:30 p.m. (though before midnight) will be considered to have been effected on that same day. Furthermore, under paragraph B) (5) of the Annex to Regulation No. 120/2009, a paper version must still be delivered to the Authority within three days of the date on which the notification was submitted by e-mail.