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Human Resources Professional

Recruitment of 1 Specialized Human Resources Professional under an individual employment contract for an indefinite period – Ref. REC/2021/10 – Until November 26,2021

The Competition Authority is recruiting 1 professional specialized in Human Resources under a temporary employment contract or an indefinite period

Admission requirements:
a)    Pre-Bologna Degree or Post-Bologna Master's Degree in Law, Management, in the areas of Work Psychology or Human Resources Management, with an average of 15 points or more;

b)    Minimum 4 years experience in human resources management (including internship) acquired by joining a human resources department of a company or institution;

c)    Minimum of 1 year experience in recruitment and selection, acquired through employment in a consultant or human resources department of a company or institution.
Preferential Conditions:

I.    Post-Graduate or Master's Degree in the areas of Work Psychology or Human Resources Management;

II.    Post-Graduate or Master's Degree in Labor Law;

III.    Relevant professional experience in consultancy in the field of human resources of at least 1 full year;

IV.    Relevant professional experience in labor law matters of at least 1 full year;

V.    Good knowledge of the English language.
Deadline for submitting applications: until 23:59 (UTC/GMT+00:00) on 26 November 2021. 
To apply:
To apply:
Applications must be formalized by accessing the link available on the AdC website in which candidates must complete and submit the application [in Portuguese] with the following documents:

a) CV;
b) Motivation letter; and
c) Legible copy of the certificate(s) proving academic qualifications, indicating the area and the final average.
See all details in the Application Regulation [in Portuguese].
The procedure will be conducted by a jury, in conjunction with a specialized external company (Human2Human).