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Access the AdC's Competition Talks podcast and recent videos related to competition and AdC's activities.

Competition talks

Bruno Pellegrino
Bruno Pellegrino - Product differentiation and oligopoly: a network approach
In this episode of the Competition Authority's CompCast - Competition Talks, Bruno Pellegrino, professor assistente de Finanças na University of Maryland, Smith School of Business, addresses the topic "Product Differentiation and Oligopoly: a Network Approach".
Hans Zenger
Hans Zenger - Mergers with homogeneous products
In this episode of the Competition Authority's CompCast - Competition Talks, Hans Zenger, Head of Unit at the Chief Economist Team of the European Commission’s DG Competition, addresses the topic “Mergers with homogeneous markets”.
Martin Peitz
Martin Peitz - Antitrust markets in the platform economy
In this episode of the Competition Authority's CompCast-Competition Talks, Martin Peitz, Professor of Economics at the University of Mannheim and Director at the Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation – MaCCI speaks on "Antitrust markets in the platform economy".
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AdC's achievements in 2022 - 1 year in 1 minute
Watch in 1 minute the AdC’s main results in 2022.
Competition and purchasing power in times of inflation
In the current context of inflation, competition can play a key role in mitigating price stickiness, promoting labor mobility, and increasing efficiency in public spending. Watch the video.
Highlights of the ICN Competition, Growth and Recovery Workshop
Listen to the main conclusions of the ICN Growth and Recovery Workshop, organized by the AdC. The debate involved experts in a discussion on how competition principles can assist policymakers in fostering growth and competitiveness in a context of inflation, contributing to an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery.
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