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What is the main role of the Portuguese Competition Authority?

AdC is an independent administrative agency whose purpose is to defend competition, to the benefit of citizens. For the fourth year in a row, it’s one of the top 20 Competition Authorities around the world. 

Ano de criação
Year of creation
Nº de funcionários
Number of workers

Mission, values and vision of AdC

Ícone missão da AdC
To investigate more, better, and faster
Ícone visão da AdC
Be a reference as a public service provider and be able to deliver value to society

Strategic and Operational Goals

Detect, investigate, and sanction all anti-competitive practices
Ensure efficient and timely merger control
Promote competition in all economic sectors
Raise awareness in all society about competition rules and its benefits
Promote transparency among all stakeholders
Strengthen international cooperation, both bilaterally and multilaterally

The Board

Margarida Matos Rosa
Margarida Matos Rosa
Maria João Melícias
Board member
Maria João Melícias
Miguel Moura Silva
Board member
Miguel Moura e Silva

Priorities for 2021

  • Promote a well-functioning economy, by detecting and sanctioning  anti-competitive behaviour that harms businesses and families;
  • Investigate signs of abuse and collusion in the digital economy, given the perceived increasing risk of anticompetitive behaviour in this area;
  • Contribute to the economic recovery by promoting the elimination of structural and legal barriers, such as those affecting professional mobility and business innovation.

Read the Competition Policy Priorities.The AdC’s performance indicators and goals for 2021 are materialized at SCORE – Objectives and Results Management System. Consult the AdC’s 2021 SCORE

Learn about last year's activity

"We need more, not less competition to make economic recovery a reality after a crisis of as yet undefined dimensions." Read the 2020 Activity Report [in Portuguese]. Know the main achievements 2021 from January until November, 10.

Autoridade da Concorrência

AdC in numbers

From 2017 to 2021, the Competition Authority’s activity led to numerous decisions and recommendations that contributed to economic development and consumer welfare.

decisions on anticompetitive practices
decisions on merger control
sector enquiries, opinions and recommendations

*last update: 3rd quarter 2021