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Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development — OECD

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The OECD was created to stimulate economic progress and world trade.

The AdC participates in the work of the OECD Competition Committee and in its specialized working groups. It is also present at the Global Forum of Competition and the Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum and provides technical support within the sphere of the Regional Competition Centers. These forums operate under the scope of the OECD.
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Competition Committee

Here, the annual reports on the competition policy of the Member States and cross-cutting matters of competition policy are analysed. The Competition Committee joins two specialised working groups: Working Party No.2 on competition and regulation and Working Party No.3 on cooperation and law enforcement.

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It is a competence of the Competition Authority to ensure the presentation of the Annual Report on Competition in Portugal, as well as the formulation of the Portuguese position on the subjects that are analysed. 

Global Forum of Competition

The OECD organises an annual Global Forum of Competition. This event promotes the discussion on competition policy issues between OECD members and non-member countries.

Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum

The Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum brings together officials from Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as Europeans, from North America and from international organizations, to exchange experiences and identify best practices related to competition policy in these countries.

Regional Competition Centres

The AdC has been collaborating with the OECD Regional Competition Centres for Competition, promoting the development of institutional capacities and technical cooperation at a regional level. The technical support provided by the AdC focuses on sharing experiences and best practices on the activity of promotion and competition defense. 

Contributions from Portugal to the OCDE