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Bilateral meeting of Polish and Portuguese Competition Authorities


Bilateral meeting of Polish and Portuguese Competition Authorities

Foto do encontro entre a AdC e a congénere polaca UOKIK

On 27 October the Autoridade da Concorrência (AdC) and  UOKiK (Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) held their 1st High-Level Bilateral Meeting in Warsaw. This meeting followed a visit of  staff from the Polish authority to the AdC in Lisbon in December 2019. During the previous meeting, the two authorities had discussed issues related to the unfair use of contractual advantage and competition protection.

The 1st High-Level Bilateral Meeting focused on the priorities of both institutions, presented by President of UOKiK – Tomasz Chróstny and President of AdC – Margarida Matos Rosa. In addition, staff from both authorities also discussed recent developments in cartels and antitrust, the interplay between competition and labor markets as well as competition in digital markets.

"We recognize the benefits of exchanging our experience with UOKiK counterparts in Europe and around the world. Having said that, I am pleased that we can now host a delegation from the Portuguese competition authority along with its President, Margarida Matos Rosa. The purpose of today's workshops is to exchange knowledge, professional experience, and share each other's know-how" – said the President of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny.

“As European countries take steps towards economic recovery, promoting competition policy and enforcement becomes even more relevant. Deepening cooperation with other European competition authorities is a key element to ensure a strong enforcement. Meeting today with the President of UOKiK Tomasz Chróstny and the UOKiK colleagues was an important opportunity to discuss and share experiences about topics of common interest, including competition in labor markets, e-commerce and algorithms”  – said the President of the AdC Margarida Matos Rosa.

On 28 October, the Presidents of both competition authorities are participating in the Impact'21 conference in Poznań – in the discussion entitled "Between Economic Recovery and Market Regulation".