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Public consultation on Good Practices Guide on Gun-Jumping


Public consultation on Good Practices Guide on Gun-Jumping

The AdC’s mission is to promote and protect competition, in the interest of consumer welfare and the competitiveness of the economy.
Under its Bylaws, the AdC is responsible for advocating the adoption of practices which promote competition and a competition culture among companies and the general public, as well as for publishing guidelines on competition policy. For this purpose, the AdC has, namely, the power to issue recommendations and generic directives.
The implementation of a merger subject to mandatory prior notification, before notifying it, in breach of national and international competition rules, is commonly known as "gun jumping".
The adoption of a good practices guide aimed at companies intends to disseminate ways to avoid early implementation of a merger, namely regarding access to commercially sensitive information of the target.
In this context, the AdC submits to public consultation the "Good Practices Guide on Gun Jumping", inviting all interested parties to submit comments, within 20 working days, until December 7, to the email address
Contributions should indicate the subject "Good Practices Guide on Gun Jumping", as well as be accompanied by a non-confidential version and respective reasoning for confidentiality, otherwise they will be published.


Good Practices Guide on Gun-Jumping [in Portuguese]

Guia de Boas Práticas relativo ao Gun-Jumping
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