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Recommendations and opinions

The AdC issues recommendations, studies and opinions on a wide range of topics. This is done with the purpose of enhancing market efficiency, resource optimization and consumer well-being.

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Sector enquiries 

The AdC carries out sector enquiries with the purpose of identifing possible restrictions to competition in certain markets or economic sectors. Such enquiries result in:

  • Characterization of market dynamics and competition conditions in a given market context;
  • Recommendations of measures that enhance competition conditions;
  • Ex officio investigations of anticompetitive practices.

Sector enquiries have the purpose to:

  • Support the selection and review of sectors in terms of possible anticompetitive practices;
  • Support the identification of barriers to competition and the development of recommendations that enhance competition in a given market or sector of economic activity;
  • Inform the preparation of proposals to create or amend the legal and regulatory framework, so as to enhance competition conditions.
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Impact assessment of public policies

Public entities' adoption of legislative or regulatory measures can influence market functioning, even if unintentionally, in both beneficial and harmful ways.
The AdC advises institutions and public bodies on legislative, regulatory and administrative measures that can have an impact on competition.

Guidelines on Competition Impact Assessment of Public Policies

The AdC developed its Guidelines [in Portuguese] on Competition Impact Assessment of Public Policies with the purpose of allowing a prior assessment of legislative or regulatory proposals that are in the process of being drafted by Parliament, Government or public entities.

Such guidelines are applicable to any assessment of legislation and regulations in force — e.g. successive assessments of legal norms at central, regional or sector levels.

Competition impact assessment - procedure

Learn more on the three stages of a competition impact assessment.

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The AdC Impact 2020 Project

Created with the aim of strengthening the AdC’s capabilities at a technical and methodological level, the AdC Impact 2020 Project supports modernization and training for more effective intervention by public entities, thus enhacing economic and social development.

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