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Bilateral International Cooperation

Bilaterally, the AdC cooperates through Technical Cooperation Protocols and mutual interest projects with other competition authorities.

Examples of these mutual interest projects are the Iberian Competition Forum, where the AdC meets with the Comisíon Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia, or the Luso-French Competition Forum, in which the AdC meets with the Autorité de la concurrence.

These forums seek to promote cooperation between Authorities and strengthen the application of competition rules.

For more information on the bilateral cooperation of the AdC, see:

Other Bilateral initiatives

The AdC and the Norwegian Competition Authority (Konkurransetilsynet) held a bilateral meeting on May 19 and 20 in Bergen. The agenda included discussions on anticompetitive behavior in large retail (including "hub-and-spoke" arrangements), bid-rigging in public procurement, collusion in digital markets, anticompetitive agreements in the labor market (including no-poach), banking and online pharmaceutical markets, as well as efficient investigation techniques.

On October 27, the AdC and UOKiK (Poland) held the 1st High Level Bilateral Meeting in Warsaw. This meeting addressed the priorities of both institutions, as well as recent developments in cartels and antitrust, competition and labor markets, and digital markets.



  • On December 11, the AdC and the Autorité de la Concurrence met in Lisbon.

  • Between January 28 and February 8, the AdC International Training Program took place with the Installing Committee of the Cape Verde Competition Authority (CIAdC-CV).
  • On April 9, the AdC and the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (Spain) held a meeting to discuss various topics from Enforcement initiatives to Mergers and Advocacy.
  • On April 29-30, the AdC met with the Moroccan Competition Authority in Lisbon.
  • On July 31, the AdC and the China Market Regulatory Authority (SAMR) met in Lisbon.
  • From 14 to 23 October, the AdC's International Training Programme took place in Lisbon. This event aimed to share AdC's experience with Angola.
  • On December 2, AdC received a visit from the Polish Competition Authority (UOKiK).

  • On February 2, the AdC/CADE (Brazil) Workshop on data analysis techniques to detect cartels in public procurement was held in Lisbon.
  • Between July 30 and August 10, the AdC hosted two trainees from the Georgian Competition Authority as part of the European Union project Support to the Georgian Competition Agency for training on AdC best practices.
  • On October 3, young professionals from the Competition Authority of the Netherlands (Autoriteit Consument & Markt - ACM) visited the AdC. 
  • On October 22nd, young officals from the German Competition Authority (Bundeskartellamt) visited the AdC. The program of the visit included presentations by the two authorities on merger control and restrictive practices.

  • From March 20 to 24, the AdC was again present at the EU-China Competition Week, in Beijing - an initiative of the European Union.
  • On September 25, a meeting was held between the AdC and the Angolan National Public Procurement System. The purpose of this meeting was to exchange AdC's institutional experience in the fight against collusion in public procurement.
  • On October 24, the AdC was in Madrid for the Annual Competition Day 2017: 10 years of defending competition.

  • From March 14 to 18, the AdC participated in the EU-China Competition Week, in Beijing, an initiative of the European Union. 
  • On April 21, the Icelandic Competition Authority visited the AdC. 
  • On May 23, the AdC participated in the event "Romanian Competition Council: Accomplishments and perspectives", in Bucharest.  
  • On July 1, the AdC hosted the National Communications Agency of Cape Verde (ANAC), to present the AdC's work. 
  • On July 11 and 12, a Training Course on Competition Law and Economics was held in Praia, organized with AAC - the Cape Verdean Civil Aviation Agency, with participants from several of Cape Verde's sector regulators. 
  • On December 20, the AdC hosted Mozambican jurists. This visit was aimed at exchanging experiences with the various departments of the AdC.