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AdC Impact 2020 Project

The AdC Impact 2020 Project aimed to strengthen the AdC’s technical and methodological capabilities in the competition impact assessment of public policies, thereby contributing to a more efficient and effective intervention by public entities, thus promoting economic and social development. 

The cooperation between AdC and OECD to achieve competitive impact in two sectors

As part of this project, the AdC, in partnership with OECD, performed a competition assessment of two sectors of the Portuguese economy, applying the methodology of the Competition Assessment Toolkit.

The following criteria were taken into account for the choice of sectors to be analyzed:

  • The importance of the sectors to external competition and for exports;
  • Their weight in domestic consumption;
  • Contribution to employability.

Como resultado, foram identificados os setores dos transportes e um conjunto de 13 profissões autorreguladas:

  • The transport sector activities covered were the transport of passengers and goods, by road, rail and sea, as well as the management of ports and port services;
  • In the self-regulated professions sector, a set of 13 professions were identified, represented in 12 professional associations, including:
  • Legal professions (lawyers, notaries, solicitors, and enforcement agents);
  • Economic-financial professions (economists, certified accountants, statutory auditors, and customs officers);
  • Technical-scientific professions (architects, engineers, and technical engineers);
  • Health professionals (nutritionists and pharmacists).

What is the involvement of stakeholders in the AdC/OECD Project?

The involvement of public stakeholders was ensured through meetings of a High-Level Committee. In addition, more than two hundred bilateral meetings were held with various entities, public and private, responsible for sectorial issues.
The OECD also held training workshops for officials responsible for competition assessments, applying the OECD Competition Assessment Guide.
The AdC/OECD Project was launched at a public event on October 18, 2016, and the conclusions were presented on July 6, 2018.

Conclusions, Recommendations and Plans of Action

This partnership resulted in a report that identifies the restrictions on competition in these two sectors. Learn more about this OECD Recommendations and Key Findings report for the transport sector and liberal professions.
Based on the recommendations of the OECD, the AdC developed an Action Plan [in Portuguese] with a set of legislative and regulatory proposals appropriate to the Portuguese constitutional framework.
Find out about the proposals of the AdC to the transport sector and for the 13 self-regulated professions.

Ícones Profissões Liberais

Find out about the proposals of the AdC for the 13 self-regulated professions.

Find out more
Ícones Transportes

Find out about the proposals of the AdC to the transport sector.

Find out more

Operational information of the AdC Impact 2020 project

Beneficiary entity

506557057, Competition Authority (AdC).
​Projeto no. 12272​
Project name AdC Impact 2020 Project — Competition Impact Assessment of Public Policies.
Project code POCI-05-5762-FSE-012272
Call for proposals 02/SAMA/2015 – Sistema de Apoio à Modernização e Capacitação da Administração Pública (Support System for Public Administration Modernisation and Training).
Operational programme Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização (Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme).
Intermediate organism AMA — Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, I.P. (Agency for Administrative Modernisation P.I).
Priority axis Strengthening the institutional capacity of public authorities and public administration stakeholders.
Thematic objective Improve the institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and the efficiency of public administration.
Investment priority Investing in the institutional capacities and efficiency of administrations and public services at national, regional and local levels to carry out reforms, better law-making and good governance.
Intervention region Lisbon (under the terms of paragraph 7 of article 89 of the RECI).
Approval date 26-02-2016
Starting date 04-01-2016
Completion date 07-06-2018
Custo total elegível 1.022.326,80 EUR
Financial support from the EU ESF (European Social Fund)  582.215,11 EUR
Goals and activities Objectives: to develop skills internally that enable the assessment of the competitive impact of public policies to be carried out, contributing to a better, more effective and efficient intervention by public entities and, in this way, contributing to a more efficient economic system and greater economic and social development.
Activities: Training, Intervention, Dissemination


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